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Stable Developers Civil Company was presented on 2003/11/17 with the aim of participating in the construction and development movement of the country. Since its establishment, the company has been trying to take effective steps in this field and have a worthy contribution and role in sustainable national development, with the perseverance of its expert managers and caring and committed employees around the clock.

Relying on the creativity, initiative and adequacy of the technical staff and key elements in terms of knowledge and experience, this company has taken fruitful actions in carrying out road and transportation and building projects, and now by providing the necessary quotas to meet the requirements of receiving the second level in the field. For this purpose, construction and road and transportation companies have sent their documents to the Planning and Budgeting Organization and received the certificate of competence in the mentioned bases.

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Our Colleagues

Currently, the company’s workforce consists of 60 engineers, experienced administrative staff technicians, as well as approximately 250 skilled and semi-skilled personnel who have been carefully selected to carry out ongoing projects.

Machinery and technical equipment

The company has more than 35 heavy, semi-heavy and light machines as well as workshop equipment, all of which are ready to work, and in addition to the above-mentioned acquisition items, a large number of machines and technical and workshop equipment are available in the form of conditional trust and technical capabilities rental. and support the executive of the company.

Support field acquisition workshops

In addition to the machinery and technical equipment, the company has an active workshop for the production of various types of tables and prefabricated concrete parts in the 4th phase of Andisheh city in a land of 30,000 square meters, which plays a significant role in the advancement of the company’s executive projects.
Emulsion bitumen storage and distribution workshop of the company is on a land owned by 6000 square meters on Baha road located in Razi-Abad Shahryar with two bitumen sprayers and a bitumen tank and is working and ready to distribute.
In addition, the production of all kinds of concrete tiles in different shapes, sizes and colors is ready for operation in the Pik Square workshop, in front of Simin Dasht, on a land of 3000 square meters, and it meets the needs of the company’s construction projects.

The headquarters of the company

The company’s implementation and support units in the head office located in Andisheh city have an efficient management and a suitable management system for the implementation and support of projects by attracting managerial and expert personnel.The management capacities of the company can be developed by increasing the quantity and quality of the projects and it is trying to increase the implementation richness of the construction projects by establishing the quality management system.

Our expert members

A part of the expert team of Stable Developers Civil Company

Organizational chart of Stable Developers Civil Company

Financial strength of the company

One of the fundamental and valuable factors of Stable Developers Civil Company in the advancement of executive projects is the reliance on the financial circulation of the company’s fixed and current assets. This strategy has been able to smoothen the implementation of technical and construction projects for the company to enjoy a special reputation among employers, suppliers of goods and materials, fixed and variable personnel of the company and related organizations.
The performance balance of the previous financial years and the statements of the tax accounts of the previous years, as well as the confirmation of the performance of the company’s current accounts, prove this claim.
Stable Developers Civil Company is subject to the first stage of the country’s value added tax system, and in this regard, upon receiving the membership certificate, it will be obliged to implement the legal duties of the value added tax system.

Quality Policy

As an active contractor in the field of construction projects, Stable Developers Civil Company seeks to continuously improve the processes that are effective in meeting the needs of its beneficiaries. In this regard, this company pursues the achievement of the following major goals by establishing a quality management system:

  • Growth and development of the company’s capabilities
  • Improve stakeholder satisfaction
  • Successful implementation of company projects
  • Optimal use of company funds
  • Presence in new fields and development of the target market

List of projects

  • New Andisheh City Forest Park
  • Asphalt tabulation and underlayment of Mallard city
  • Tabulation and underlayment of the asphalt of Andisheh city
  • New Andisheh city taxi and bus terminal
  • Waliasr Stadium, New Andisheh City
  • Maintenance and road maintenance of Tehran-Saveh freeway
  • 240-unit residential complex (Mehr Parand Housing)
  • Waliasr Andisheh residential complex with 186 units
  • Residential complex of 12 units in Mehrshahr
  • Tomb of Imam Ali
    Golestan complex
  • Construction of Hasan Abad Karaj gas station
  • Construction of Tabriz fuel station
  • The construction of the area and construction in the Baharestan building of the Tehran Parliament under the supervision of the Iranian Islamic Council Cooperative
  • Pavement and tabulation of the main square of phase 3 of Andisheh city
  • Tabulation and management of surface water in Andisheh city

Our Services

Stable Developers Civil Company provides the highest level of quality services to our dear customers in all the following areas.


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Expert members


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