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interior design It is the art and science of improving the interior of a building to achieve a healthier and more beautiful environment for the people who use the space. An interior designer is someone who plans, researches, coordinates, and manages such improvement projects. Interior design is a multifaceted profession that includes conceptual development, space planning, site inspection, programming, research, project stakeholder communication, construction management, and project execution.
In the dictionary, interior design is defined as: “The art or act of planning and supervising the design and implementation of architecture and interior furniture”.

Interior design is the process of shaping and coordinating the beauty features of the building from the inside, with the aim of meeting the necessary needs for its comfortable use.

Interior Design
Interior Design

Types of interior decoration styles:

Modern decoration style

One of the most popular types of interior design style is modern decoration. In the style of modern decoration, attention is paid to space creation and practicality of space and accessories. This style was formed in the 21st century and uses clear and smooth lines and minimal colors.

In the modern decoration style, the space is used in the best way and it is tried to use all the parts of the house properly. In modern decoration, simple furniture and accessories are used, and it is tried not to fill the spaces with extra accessories and designs so that the space can be used usefully. This style often works best in apartments that are built with an open plan design.

Salient features of modern interior decoration style:
Lack of glamor in modern interior decoration
Deliberate asymmetry
Not being crowded and creating a lot of difference
Use primary and basic colors as background
Play with colors in the main background
Carpets with geometric designs or simple designs
Using simple and basic forms to make furniture and using metal, chrome or glass as part of the interior with a smooth and simple design.
Open design
Applying art with minimal tools rather than using extra embellishments

Transitional decoration style

If you are the type of person who likes to use both modern interior design style and classic design in your home, transitional style is recommended for you. In this interior design style, a combination of traditional and modern design is used. Sometimes it is possible to use furniture with modern fabric and texture in which clear lines can be seen and the style of cushions and carpets is also according to it.
To combine this modern design with classic style, you can use warm and natural colors, colors such as cream, beige and khaki and use fabrics with fine texture.

Important features of transitional decoration style

Limited use of accessories
Using influential art centers in design
Furniture with curved and smooth lines
Use of neutral color spectrum
Using elements such as wood, glass, fabric, metal, steel

Mid-century decoration style

As the name of this style suggests, this design is inspired by the house designs of the 1950s and 1960s. This style of interior design is for people who like a uniform and unified look. In the design of this decoration style, you can use minimal lines and strange curves.
Different raw materials are used in this style. As a result, you can use wood, along with aluminum and even plastic. Different ranges of white and brown colors are also used in this style. This design gives you a nostalgic feeling and is mainly used in small houses. But if you want, you can use this plan in a big house.

Minimal decoration style

Minimal interior design style is one of the most popular decoration styles. This style is actually a simplified modern style. Very simple furniture is used in this style.
Colors are used transiently. You won’t find anything busy in this style of decoration. Everything is simple and pleasant. Very smooth lines are used in this style. This style invites you to return with basic and simple things.
In the minimalist style, free space is respected, that is, everything unnecessary is removed from the room, allowing the empty space to shine. Basically, black and white colors are used in this style.
If you want to create a soft contrast, you can use very little primary colors.

Scandinavian style

In this style of interior decoration, you can see the simplicity of life in Northern European countries. The design of furniture in this style is very detailed and finally a piece of furniture is made. Although the design of the furniture is simple and few colors are used, sometimes delicate carvings on the wood may be used in the construction of these items and sculptural designs are carved on the base of the furniture.
The main color in this style is white, and for more effect, the combination of natural elements such as wood, light plastic, aluminum and iron and flooring with large panels is used. If you want to use different colors, you can use the colors in the carpet, furniture or a piece of art.
In this style, extensive lighting, wide open spaces, low decorative items, functional furniture and Scandinavian designs are used.

Distinctive features of the Scandinavian style

White color is often used
Light colors are combined with white
Use of large mirrors
Compliance with the principles of symmetry
Stylish and functional furniture is used
In principle, no attention is paid to modern fashion
Use bright and warm colors
Use of wooden floors
Use carpets or rugs with soft colors

Mediterranean design style

Many columns and arches are used in this style. Basically, a wide range of colors are used and these colors are inspired by the natural colors of the earth and soil.

The main elements of the Mediterranean style

Use of arches and vaults in design
Use multiple columns
Accuracy in furniture and decoration details
Use of bricks
Use of tiles
Inspired by the earth
Large furniture
Internal balconies
high ceiling
Use of curved lines in design
Interior design: Traditional decoration style
In this style of interior decoration, attention is paid to details. Luxurious furniture is used and many unnecessary things are used in the house. The color of the wood is basically dark and many strong colors are used. In this style, a variety of textures are used and many curved lines are seen in the house. Velvet, silk and embroidered fabrics are used for furniture. Attention is paid to details in furniture design.
Curtains are generally multi-layered and with strange designs. Many carpets and cushions are used in this style. A lot of importance is given to decorations and many vases, candlesticks and mirrors are used.

And many other styles…


Choosing the style of home interior decoration is one of the most important points that people with good taste should pay attention to. Choosing the right style will make you enjoy going home every time and count the minutes to get home. In addition to the key styles introduced in this article, there are other styles that we will mention below:

Asian style
Spanish style
bohemian style
Island style
French style
Regency style
Luxury style
Art Deco style
Tropical style
Southwest style
Victorian style
Glamorous style or Hollywood glam

In choosing interior decoration styles, you should pay attention to the important points that we have mentioned throughout the text. Finally, you will see other tips for interior decoration.

Favorite colors of the family
The amount of light you want in your home
The size of the house
The exterior of the house
The house is quiet or busy
The lifestyle of the residents of the house

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