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Urban Spaces

One of the topics that always has a transdisciplinary nature. Considering the comprehensive impact of a wide range of studies on the construction and design and formation of urban spaces and the impact of all plans related to physical and visual issues such as architectural maps, urban planning, urban design on this issue, the nature of the above cases can be understood. Presenting this course under the title of analysis of urban places to architecture students is an effort to familiarize students of this field with the field of cities and urban elements and familiarize them with the basic and more influential concepts in architectural collections. Therefore, the presentation of this course is due to the inclusion of programmatic and realistic topics along with familiarity with economic, social, sociological, demographic, urban and urban architecture issues.

Construction of Valiasr Stadium in Andisheh city

We briefly explain the characteristics of an urban space below.
1- Urban spaces create urban identity in residential contexts.
2- Open spaces within residential structures are very effective in the identity of the structure.
3- Urban spaces as local and urban indicators are valuable spaces for design and revitalization.
4- Urban spaces are considered the environmental heritage and originality of every city.
5- Urban spaces play an effective role in cultural promotion.
6- Urban spaces on a large scale are considered to be the main signs of the city.
7- Urban spaces depict the memories and history of each city.
8- Urban spaces convey memories for the current and future generations.

Classification of urban spaces based on social, cultural and physical status

Among other urban spaces, we can mention parks, stadiums, taxi and bus terminals and even cemeteries. In all these years, Gostaran Paydar Development Company has been trying to build modern and practical urban spaces for the noble people of Iran in cooperation with municipalities. had.

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