• Project Name: Maintenance of Tehran-Saveh freeway
  • Project: Maintenance of Tehran-Saveh freeway
  • Location: Iran - Tehran - Tehran-Saveh highway
  • year of completion: 2009
  • Value: 496417993 tomans
  • The Employer: General Directorate of Road and Transport of Tehran Province

Project Name : Maintenance of Tehran-Saveh freeway

The Employer : General Directorate of Road and Transport of Tehran Province

start time : 2008/5/17

The ending time : 2009/11/19

Project Cost : 4964179931 rials

Maintenance and repair of free asphalt on Tehran-Saveh road, tables and roadsides (shoulders), dredging of drains and ditches and prevention of puddles on the road surface, snow removal, concreting in order to prevent slippage during snow and hail. Removal of natural and artificial obstacles caused by accidents and incidents, maintenance and cleaning of traffic signs and electronic warnings and lighting and communication equipment on the highway’s return route, irrigation and care of green spaces, middle and peripheral gardens of the highway And all actions that are necessary for the improvement and smooth operation of Tehran-Saveh freeway for the citizens.

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