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The satisfaction of our company’s customers is a strong document confirming our claim to use experienced and skilled personnel as well as providing you with the highest quality services.


Our colleagues at Stable Developers Civil Company are all highly educated and relevant people in their fields with up-to-date knowledge and high skills.

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All the companies that Stable Developers Civil Company cooperates with to provide services are reliable and approved companies.

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Marine structures

The company in the field of water structures has been active in various fields of water industry since its establishment in 2003 and has a level five certificate in this field in the country.

This company has gained valuable experiences in the implementation of various projects by using expert and experienced forces as well as using suitable software and hardware and various types of light and heavy equipment and machines with different capacities. Stable Developers Civil Company can operate in the field of design, supply of equipment, construction, installation and commissioning of the following projects:

Large water and sewage treatment plants
Desalination plant
Water transmission lines
Pumping stations
industry and Mining
Road and transportation

The trend of water engineering and hydraulic structures is one of the trends of civil engineering that deals with the analysis, design and optimization of structures that deal with water in some way.

In fact, this process is a combination of the structure and the process of water. By choosing this direction, the civil engineer will be able to carry out structural and water projects at the same time. This trend is also related to the issues raised in geotechnical, environmental and water resources issues. In water engineering and hydraulic structures, more emphasis is placed on the design and calculations of water-related structures.

In recent years, due to the population growth and the new attitude towards the optimal use of the country’s water resources, for various purposes, as well as attention to matters related to dam construction and water supply and distribution structures, there is a need for experts in these fields and different levels of engineering. . Water is felt more than before.

Cooperation with consulting engineers for dam construction and water resources, monitoring the implementation of projects related to the activities of these companies and participating in the design of hydraulic structures such as dams, tunnels, river engineering, transmission lines and water distribution networks, water supply channels and …

Some activities related to water structures are:

– Dam and hydraulic structures

including hydraulic analysis, design and optimization of earthen and concrete dams and related facilities, types of overflows, basins and drains of dams, tunnels, etc.

– River Engineering

Among the issues of river flow and sedimentation and erosion, beach stabilization structures and…

– Water and structure interaction

It includes the analysis of interaction problems of water structures such as valves and overflows, dynamic analysis and stability analysis of dams and hydraulic structures, etc.

– Concrete technology in hydraulic structures

including studies of concrete technology in hydraulic structures, concretes resistant to wear and erosion, concrete additives in hydraulic structures and…

– Transmission lines and distribution and collection networks

Including analysis, design and optimization of water transmission lines, water distribution networks and sewage collection networks, pumping stations and….

– Irrigation and drainage networks

Including the analysis, design and optimization of the irrigation and drainage canal network and related structures, including all types of spillways, spillways, valves, breakwaters, terminal structures, regulatory structures, etc.

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