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Stable Developers Civil Company with more than 20 years of working experience using its professional and expert team with world-class knowledge in the road and construction industry and using the latest software and hardware tools and modern and up-to-date machines. It provides the best and highest quality services to customers.

Why you should choose our services?

The satisfaction of our company’s customers is a strong document confirming our claim to use experienced and skilled personnel as well as providing you with the highest quality services.


Our colleagues at Stable Developers Civil Company are all highly educated and relevant people in their fields with up-to-date knowledge and high skills.

Approved companies

All the companies that Stable Developers Civil Company cooperates with to provide services are reliable and approved companies.

Quality of work

You can see the quality of our company’s work by viewing our projects and customer satisfaction in these 20 years.

24/7 support

The company’s consultants answer your questions online and free of charge 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Free consultation of construction matters by the experts of Gostaran Paydar Imran Company:

Description of the services and scope of duties of the consulting engineer in the company of consulting engineers
– Basic level
– Market review and analysis stage and preparation of tender documents
– Conducting tenders and monitoring the project process

Preliminary stage studies include two basic parts:

A- Initial identification and investigation

– Discussing with the employer and determining and clarifying project goals

– Determining the content framework and defining the details of the study steps

– Examining the amount of available information related to the project in the country’s organizations and centers and how to access them.

– Planning the process of carrying out project feasibility studies

– Organizing the project team and selecting experts and consulting engineers required for the project is considered the most important task in this department.

B- preparation of the initial plan

– Determining and presenting the initial options for the operation of the site according to the employer’s comments

– Determining the operational characteristics of each of the decision options in coordination with the employer

– Feasibility of using the excess capacity of the collection for other related works

– Initial estimation of the construction and operation costs of the proposed options

– Initial estimation of the costs of future users of the collection

free consultation

Stable Developers Civil Company provides technical and engineering consulting services with a low-cost, resistant, advanced, principled, scientific construction approach and optimization of the urban fabric. Among the activities of this department, the following can be mentioned:

– Technical and economic evaluation of the project

– Providing economic-technical-executive advice

– Setting the physical schedule

– Submitting and presenting an explanatory plan

– Project implementation schedule (CPM).

– Providing the best and most affordable method of demolition, renovation and reconstruction and construction

– Providing timely advice for construction

– Supervision of financial issues

– Providing contract supervision – Technical management – Quality management

Free construction engineering and urban planning consulting services

– Providing all kinds of consulting services for all construction matters

– Meeting to visit your project site by the company’s experts

– If necessary, take pictures and photographs from your place with the most advanced engineering equipment

– Face-to-face meeting at the company’s location for consulting and providing business solutions

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