• Project Name: Construction of two dedicated gas stations
  • Project Name: Construction of fuel stations

Construction of two dedicated gas stations

In addition to all construction and road works and projects, Stable Developers Civil Company is also active in the construction of gas stations. This company has completed the project of construction and operation of two dedicated gas stations so far. In these two fuel stations, there are all the specialized fueling facilities, including the fueling tank, special and specialized pipelines of the tank and fuel nozzles, fueling nozzles and car refueling stations. Also, the amenities of gas station employees include: The gas station office, the rest area of ​​the employees who are serving in shifts, the sanitary facilities, etc. are provided in the construction projects of the fuel station by Stable Developers Civil Company.

All stages of gas station construction, from land preparation, basic foundations, placement of fuel tanks, basic fuel piping from fuel tanks to fuel nozzles, and laying of the environment of the fuel station, as well as the construction of office buildings and rest areas, all by the team. It has been carried out by the specialists of Omran Gostaran Paydar Company.

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